Gunite Pool Construction Process

There are several phases of building an inground gunite pool, and each phase is built upon the previous phase accomplishments. In most cases, each phase can take from 1 – 7 days to complete. Here is a look at the most important pool construction phases.

Pool Design

It is very important to hire professional pool designers that will capture your ideas and will design the pool of your dreams. At Rembrandt Pools and Spas, we have gathered together the most talented designers and craftsmen to help create "A True Masterpiece" right in your very own backyard. Our design staff, with over 16 years of experience, will assist you in designing and pricing your very own masterpiece project.

Your pool designer will first consider such things as your lot size and topography, property line setbacks, easements and underground utilities. Your budget will be important, as well as what style and shape pool you had in mind. Once the shape, style and size is nailed down, you and your designer may discuss water features, etc.

Pool Excavation

This is where it really begins. The pool shape will be staked and painted in the yard. Fences and trees may have to be removed to allow access.

Steel and Plumbing

Now the actual pool construction starts. The hole is reinforced with steel rebar. Depending on where you live, the amount might vary. But in all cases this steel rebar acts as the skeleton for the pool and provides the structural support for the shell of the pool. The steel is set so that it is about 2-4 inches from the dirt wall. They bend it into position to wrap around steps and curves, following the shape of the dig.


This is when your pool begins to look like a pool. Gunite is concrete that is shot out of a "gun", pushed out with high velocity air. The material is pumped out of a hopper type truck, and shot behind and on top of the steel reinforcement bar. Finishers with trowels then carve and sculpt it into the exact finished shape of your pool. After the gunite has been applied, it will need to dry before plastering. It takes several weeks for gunite to cure.

Tile & Coping

As your gunite pool shell is curing is the best time to place perimeter tile and pool wall capstones (brick, precast concrete or milled flagstone). The perimeter pool tile allows you to maintain an easily cleanable surface at the water level. The pool coping stones provide a safety grip on the inside for easy grasping and assist in draining water away from the pool.

Electrical Installs

The electrician installs an electrical breaker box, usually called a sub-panel, at the spot where the pool equipment (pump, filter, heater) will be set up. The sub-panel is usually a 100 amp box, and it will power the pump timeclock, pool lights, additional outside lighting and electrical outlet. A booster pump for a pool cleaner or a salt chlorine system can also be powered from the sub-panel.

The electrician will also connect the pool lights to junction boxes installed outside of the pool deck. Then, an electrical conduit is run from the junction boxes, back to the subpanel.


The final phase is plastering your pool's surface. Pool plaster is your waterproof layer, protecting the pool shell and steel, and gives a smooth, luminescent layer that's easy to keep clean.

These are the most important steps to build a gunite pool. It is very important you hired a professional pool builder to help you achieve this dream.

At Rembrandt Pool & Spas, our design staff with over 16 years of experience will assist you in designing and pricing your very own masterpiece project. We are committed to provide you with everything needed to maximize the enjoyment of your backyard. Your project will be treated with the highest level of professionalism and keeping with our commitment to total satisfaction.

We have gathered together the most talented designers and craftsmen to help create "A True Masterpiece" right in your very own backyard. Contact us TODAY for a FREE consultation to get started on your backyard Masterpiece.


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