How to Clean Your Pool

Cleaning your pool is a must to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Keeping the pool well maintained and with proper pool cleaning, could prolong its life, prevent bacteria growth and hold off needed repairs.

Cleaning a gunite swimming pool isn't very demanding and can be easily done by using some basic supplies and the following information.

Getting Started:

Remove all items from the pool specially the smaller items that can get sucked in the submersible pump and cause an electrical fire. You should get down into the pool with a rake net to ensure that every floating or submersed item is removed.

Draining Gunite Pool

You need to drain the water from the pool to about 1/4th of the pool’s depth. Simply open the drain valve of the pool. This process can be completed much faster if you backwash the filters. Turning the filters in the reversed direction helps to get rid of any sediment or mineral deposits that might be choking the water drainage.


You should use a mixture of muriatic acid and water for this purpose. Though a solution made of baking soda and water is also an effective cleaner, muriatic acid has the ability to dissolve the hardest of stains and chemical residues.

Using a tumbler, sprinkle some of the muriatic acid cleaning mixture across the gunite pool. Leave the pool unattended for about 15 minutes. Proceed with cleaning the entire pool with a garden hose. The acid decomposes all the stains into small deposits that can be easily washed away. This includes metallic or rusting stains and stains left by calcium deposits.

Repeatedly rinse the pool with the garden hose until there is no trace of debris or any kind of foaming.

Brushing is an important part of the initial new pool cleaning process but, even after your pool is clean, it is important to occasionally brush your pool to remove the dirt that will adhere to the wall and floor. Start at the top of the walls on the tile line and work your way down to the bottom of your pool.

These are only a few thinks you need to do to keep your pool clean all year. Is very important that you take care of your pool to avoid expensive repairs in the future. At Rembrandt Pools & Spas we not only built your pool and spa, we also take care of them, so you don't have to worry about anything but enjoying your backyard. If you would like to talk about our pool services, give us a call at 760.771.2121.


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